Bored games? Never!

October 18, 2008 at 4:34 pm (Memories, My Life in General) ()

Hello, my name is Leah, and I suppose I’m addicted to games. ūüôā¬† Board games, card games, video games: I love them all!¬†

I have wonderful memories from evenings with my friends or family playing games.¬† I remember playing Tripoley with my Aunt Patty & Uncle Mike, and the entire rest of the family, and beating the pants off of all of them – and I was probably 9 or 10 at the time.¬† A few years ago we did a New Year’s eve get together with friends and played Mao.¬† If you don’t know what that is, unfortunately I can’t tell you. ūüôā¬† But in the midst of playing Mao, I made homemade ice cream, and someone said something funny.¬† As a result, two of the people at the table laughed so¬†hard that ice cream came out of their NOSES!¬† It was so funny that I thought I’d pulled my stomach muscles from laughing for so long and hard.

We also have a game night at least once a month with my parents, and it just makes me happy.¬† Last night we played Muppet Mayhem Uno, which is just fun, and then Sequence.¬† ‘Course, the Rohwer collection of board games is nothing to my sister and brother-in-law’s collection.¬† They have easily 50+ games.¬† I wish they didn’t live in Colorado Springs sometimes!

There are definite benefits to playing video games along with board and card games.¬† Marc and I play World of Warcraft online together, it’s fun to defeat huge bosses with our Priest/Boomkin teamwork.¬† But it’s hilarious when people find out that I’m a “gamer.”¬† Marc gets huge props for finding a wife that not only is cool with him playing video games but plays with him.¬† Many of the online folks that he meet are simply in awe that he’s got a “gamer girl.”¬† But I really do enjoy our time in WoW together.¬† (I’m listening to Marc play WoW even as I type this)

So fair¬†warning my blog reader friends:¬†if you don’t see a new blog once in a while, just know: I’m gaming. =)


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Reading out loud

October 16, 2008 at 4:28 am (My Life in General) ()

Do you remember your parents reading to you as a child?  I do.  They are memories that I treasure Рeach and every one that I have is precious to me.

  My mom reading The Secret Garden to me, her voice lilting as she read the heavy Brit accent written in the pages.  My dad reading Tales of the Kingdom and Tales of the Resistance and making sure to give each character specific inflection.  I would curl up at their feet and I could see the characters, I lived with them.

¬† A few years ago, my sister and I bought a book for my mom for Christmas.¬† Between the two of us and our voracious reading appetites, we’d pretty much ruined my mom’s paperback version of Moonraker’s Bride.¬† So that year for Christmas we got her a new hardback version (now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it was Danae’s idea).¬† We stayed up for 6+ hours taking turns to read it out loud to each other in the living room.¬† We finished it with hoarse voices, but smiles on all our faces.¬† It was magic.¬† The experience stayed with me so much that not long after, while I still lived with my parents, my mom and I began reading the Chronicles of Narnia to each other.¬† We started with the Magician’s Nephew, LW&W, and got through 3/4 of Horse & His Boy before I got married and our reading out loud sessions stopped.¬† I really do regret that we haven’t picked that back up together.¬† Even though I’ve read those books dozens of times, I loved reading them out loud with my¬†mom!

¬† I took a hiatus from reading aloud for the past few years, but this year has been different.¬† This year for our anniversary in May, Marc and I decided to go to South Dakota, to see Mount Rushmore.¬† It was an amazing time, cave exploring, hiking, driving, getting licked by wild donkeys (I will have to blog about that sometime!).¬† But we drove, and it’s a 5 1/2 hour drive from Denver to Custer.¬† On our way back, we got pretty bored¬†coming back through Wyoming.¬† I had brought Stephen Lawhead’s The Paradise War (The Song of Albion Trilogy), and I started reading out loud to my husband, who had never read the book before.¬† I read for 4 hours straight, right into the garage – and then some.¬† Marc and I are both hooked.¬† Since we carpool to work, I read to and from work everyday.¬† About a week ago we finished the Song of Albion books.¬† It was bittersweet, and I found as I finished reading that I¬†didn’t want it to end.¬† So we’re not ending.¬† I’ve already started reading another set of Lawhead books to him, and we plan to do the Harry Potter series as well.¬† I don’t intent to stop reading aloud – ever!

I actually do have a point, and even though it sounds like a Public Service Announcement, it has the ring of truth.¬†¬†If you have kids, read to them.¬† It may seem silly, they may not seem to care,¬†but you are creating memories they will carry with them forever.¬†¬†I¬†still hear my mom’s voice when I read the Secret Garden, and my dad’s when I read the Tales books.¬† I look forward to the priviledge of being the voice of a book to my future children.

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